Are Mesothelioma Lawsuit Settlements Taxable?

People who file for a mesothelioma lawsuit settlement with a chance for a significant payout are interested to know if the claim will be taxable. Given the fact that more taxes are paid for a more substantial sum of money, they are concerned about the potential significant amount that may be taken out of this settlement. Fortunately, the majority of these settlements are tax-free, to a certain degree.

Taxation is complicated, and knowledge about what to do and what not to pay tax on can be the most complicated.  Several factors can tell if the victims will have to pay tax on the money they are awarded during a settlement. Severe physical injuries, such as herniated discs and broken bones may qualify under the personal injury statute. On the other hand, less severe injuries, such as cuts, bruises, and muscle strains may also be eligible. Based on the IRS training manual for lawsuits and settlements, people who suffer only emotional can exclude from income the expenses related to the emotional injury.

When a person is awarded damages for acquiring an injury during their work, which resulted in wrongful termination, he will not have to pay tax on the losses but for the wrongful termination. Also, there are two requirements needed to make the financial award at settlement to be tax-free. First, the award has something to be with any form of physical injury, in which illnesses are categorized as bodily injury. The absence of this means that the award will be taxed. Secondly, when at the heart of the damage a wrongful act has been done or failed to do, and that the action is directly responsible for the injury which means that when the victim acquired an injury during a dispute, the award will be taxed. However, if someone else pushed the victim over while in the course of an argument; the award will be free from tax.

Nevertheless, the majority of the people in a mesothelioma lawsuit are awarded punitive damages. The punitive damages are given apart from the actual damages certain situations. Punitive damages are punishment and also an award when the behavior of the defendant has been found to be extremely harmful, yet not usually awarded in the context of the breach of contract dispute.

Punitive damages are always taxable. It’s because punitive damage does not offer compensation for money that the victims have lost or by having to use it or not having the ability to earn it. They are categorized as above and beyond whatever claim would help the victim return to the normal state of life.

There is also the emotional distress that mesothelioma victims are also awarded for. By definition, it’s not a physical injury which means that no matter how distressed they become which leads to becoming ill, the award for this will be taxable. However, if it has a definite relation to a physical injury, then it becomes free from tax.

Published on: 9/4/20, 4:23 AM